A.T.M. (Advanced Thermo Material)
Zie: Thermoplastic granulates
Zie: Thermoplastic granulates
ACF2 multifibre
Zie: Thermoset plastics
Air flow rear extraction
Its purpose is to provide ventilation to remove warm, moist air from a motorcycle helmet. The airstream causes low pressure at the rear of the head, and this is used to extract stale air out of the helmet, thus improving the helmet climate.
Textile fabric of hollow polyamide fibres, characterised by a low weight per unit area. The air enclosed within the fibres insulates against heat and cold. In addition, Airguard is very resistant to abrasion and tearing, it is easy to clean and dries quickly. All of these properties make Airguard a highly interesting material for motorcycle clothing.
Ventilation system to assist the climate membranes. The supply of air ensures that the climate membranes function even at high temperatures.
ALLCURA goatskin
Sturdy but light leather with a supple surface. The special feature of goatskin leather is its silky-matt sheen and crescent-shaped grain structure.
Combination of a thermally insulating padding with a special, aluminium-coated foil that also reflects body heat. Therefore offers good heat retention in spite of being relatively thin.
Weatherproof synthetic leather, soft with a good grip and anti-slip effect, therefore good for motocross gloves, for example.
High-quality and abrasion-resistant polyamide-polyurethane fabric mix. The polyurethane fibres lend the fabric elasticity for optimal wearing comfort and enhanced freedom of movement. This material has a very pleasant feel and a special surface texture.
Blended fabric: 75% microfibres provide effective transport of moisture to the outside, while 25% high-quality angora wool lends warmth and great comfort. Therefore also suitable for cold weather. AngorBelle can be machine-washed.
Aniline leather
A largely natural, high-quality leather, treated only with transparent, environmentally friendly and water-soluble dyes and finishes. Since the leather pores are not blocked by coloured top layers, the leather is very breathable, in addition to which it has a very soft, warm feel and is particularly gentle to the skin. This high-quality leather is, however, necessarily somewhat delicate.
Zie: Leather
Material with a particularly high resistance to abrasion, tearing and stretching, with outstanding protection against impacts yet with a relatively light weight and a very high melting point. This high-tech material is used in the production of bulletproof vests and fire extinguishing blankets etc. It is therefore particularly suitable for reinforcing motorcycle clothing at impact points. Kevlar is made from aramid fibres.
Zie: Kevlar
A combination of aramid and polyamide fibres, developed by Gore, which offers very high resistance to tearing and abrasion. It is used as the outer material of a Gore-Tex 3-layer laminate. The core-jacket structure is new: abrasion-resistant, UV-stable polyamide surrounds a fibre core of highly tear- and temperature-resistant aramid. The grid-like structure of the weave gives additional passive safety. The laminate absorbs little moisture, and is highly breathable.
Zie: Gore-Tex, Aramid, Polyamide
Speciaal weefsel van katoenvezels en UHMWPE-vezels dat tot nu toe uitsluitend werd toegepast in de ruimtevaart, bij defensie en in de offshore-industrie. Door de exclusieve technologie ontstaat een echte denim die dankzij de versterking in de kern beschikt over de mechanische eigenschappen van leer. Tevens is Armalith huidvriendelijk net als zuiver katoen en net zo luchtig en ademend. De scheringdraad van Armalith-denim bestaat uit UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) met een dunne katoenen ommanteling. De inslagdraad bestaat uit katoen. Daardoor is het wereldwijd gepatenteerde weefsel zo slijt- en scheurvast dat kan worden afgezien van de anders gebruikelijke dubbelingen (bijv. met aramidevezels). Armalith is het sterkste textielweefsel dat momenteel voor motorjeans verkrijgbaar is. Het materiaal kan bijvoorbeeld bestaan uit katoen, polyethyleen (UHMWPE), polyamide en elastaan.