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TRW has the ultimate racing brake pads for your Supermoto or Supersport bike. The new TRQ sintered brake pads. They were developed especially for the race track, but are also approved for use on public roads. This was made possible by the excellent controllability of the brakes with *TRQ* pads installed. Your advantage: you don't have to transport your motorbike on a trailer and can ride directly from the garage to the race training or trackday and back again - provided the bike is road legal. TRQ stands for "Track Racing Quality", so the pads offer real racing quality. With a high, stable coefficient of friction and direct response. TRQ sintered pads stand for absolute best braking performance.
Conventional or SRT sintered metal pads are no match for TRQ brake pads. Performance and braking behaviour of TRQ pads remain stable for a long time with correspondingly little wear, despite the strongest racing loads. They achieve top values in every situation.

  • Innovative TRQ sintered compound
  • enormously resilient
  • less wear on pad and disc
  • protects the environment
  • the ECE number on the black painted backing plate guarantees road approval throughout the EU
  • The price is stated per set for one brake disc
Good to know:
Wear of pad and disc are less with TRQ pads than is usual in this category. This is easy on the rider's budget and on the environment. Thanks to the NRS hook system, the backing plate and pad are permanently physically connected to each other. The steel plates are equipped with dozens of profile hooks. Their size, orientation and arrangement on the carrier plate are precisely matched to the base material. During production, the sintered material is permanently anchored in the hook profile without glue or other connecting means.

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